What are Bull Bars For?

If you’ve ever played organized sports of any sort, the idea of a bull bar should be a somewhat familiar one. Whether you’ve stared into a rugby player’s eyes or faced down a hockey goalie, it’s easy to appreciate the importance of additional protection and padding where your safety is concerned.

Your truck or ute is no different. The grille work on the front end is more fragile than it looks. All it would take is one big rock, broken tree branch, or minor accident to go right through it, puncturing your radiator and leading to substantial repair costs. With Rival bars and those from other brands, though, it’s possible to protect some of your vehicle’s most delicate components in safety and style.

What is a Bull Bar and What Does it Do?

Also called grille guards, brush guards, bumper guards, or roo bars, bull bars protect your vehicle’s front end. These 4×4 upgrades are typically built with stainless steel tubes and protected from the elements with a chrome or powder coated finish. Hamer bull bars are built to fit your specific model, make, and year, and they feature one-piece, solid construction for increased durability.

Off-Road Damage Protection Without Limits

While skid plates protect the undercarriage of your vehicle from damage, bull bars offer the same basic benefits to the front end of your vehicle. Skid plates are 4X4 accessories that shield your car’s underside from the damage that may be sustained when traveling over rough terrain. When it’s properly polished it’s essentially rust-proof, and it will deliver years of worry-free protection.

Many of today’s skid plates and bull bars have pre-drilled mounting holes for fog lights, towing winches, and other add-ons, which makes them great for drivers who want a little extra functionality and safety without excessive modifications.

What Kind of Bull Bar is Right for Your Vehicle?

One of the best things about skid plates and bull bars is that they bolt right onto your vehicle’s frame with minimal effort and no drilling. Each bull bar kit comes with all the hardware needed for installation, as well as step-by-step instructions that make it easy to mount the accessory within minutes.

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