New Kia Carnival to Offer Three Seating Options

Kia Carnival is to get a complete three seating options; Comfort, Performance and Touring. Kia is also to launch two more SUVs that have been long in development with Kia. Production Start Early 2020 for the new Kia Scorpio. Kia Motors Inc will start production of the upcoming Carnival luxury sports vehicle by mid 2020 at its Anantagiri plant in Andhra Pradesh. The plant, which has a capacity of 400 thousand units a year, currently churns out around 800 units of Seltos a day.

It is expected to be launched in the US by the end of next year, Kia expects to get it sold out by the time it hits the showrooms there. If it is successful, Kia plans to expand the model line-up by offering more seats, to suit other tastes and preferences of customers, so that there are more varieties for those looking for a sporty SUV.

One of the major differences between the current Kia Carnival and the new one will be in the power of engines. The current version has a gasoline engine. But for the new version, Kia is going to introduce a diesel engine. The fuel that is used is believed to be from a new source. It is a more efficient choice and will make the new model competitive with the other SUVs. But this change will be accompanied by some additional expenditure as it will be replacing the gas engine with a diesel engine.

Kia also expects that with a diesel engine, the new Kia Carnival will be able to burn off less fuel. With fewer emissions, the new model should be cheaper in terms of fuel. But diesel fuel is expensive in India and the company may have to bear the cost in terms of extra expenses like importing the fuel for its plant.

There are some other changes expected from the Kia Carnival including a move to offer the SUV in various colors. This would include green, black, white and blue colors. These colors can be matched to the interior of the car for an extra fee.

It is also expected that the exterior design of the new Kia Carnival will be changed to give it a different look. In addition to this, it, the company is expected to introduce new safety features to make the car safer on the road. This includes things like anti-lock brakes, air bags, automatic seat belts, front wheel lockers and rear seat side curtain airbags.

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