Important Car Insurance Tips

It is important that you stay in contact with your car insurance provider even after a car accident. After an auto accident the first thing you will likely need to do is to visit the scene. Many times the driver of a vehicle involved may be unable to leave the scene. When you arrive at the scene, it is important to remain calm and polite. The following are a few helpful tips on what to do–and what not to–during your car insurance claim process. Car transport is a complicated process that can be easily handled by experts.

Call your auto insurance companies within the first 24 hours of the accident. Most auto insurance companies require you to call within 24 hours. If you are involved in an auto accident, it is important to maintain contact with your auto insurance company right away. The following are a few helpful tips for how to handle your car insurance claim situation.

Check your phone book, yellow pages, and online to find out names, phone numbers, and work names of people you talk to. In addition to this make sure you know who you are speaking to before you even ask them a question. If there is a specific person who you think is trying to intimidate you, or steal from you, then do not speak to them or take any information from them. Be aware that many companies out there have been known to commit insurance fraud and abuse. This may include calling their victims and asking for personal information or claiming to be able to help them with car insurance claims.

You can also help to ease your feelings about what may be happening by making sure to always have your insurance card and other necessary paperwork readily available. You can also ask a friend or family member to go along with you to the police department to file the proper paperwork. Many car insurance companies will have a designated representative at the police station to make sure they follow proper protocol during any car insurance claim procedure.

Do not contact your car insurance company if you are injured at the scene of the accident. Many car insurance companies have their own police department. If you are injured and cannot walk on your own and do not need to wait for the police officer to arrive at the scene, then do not wait to contact your car insurance company. Many companies will tell you to go to the hospital instead, as they may be dealing with a person who may be there on your behalf. and not really want to talk to you unless you have specific questions that you can answer.

Although you can be at the hospital, you should make sure to notify your hospital for medical attention right away. If you are unable to be admitted to the hospital, then call a friend or family member who can accompany you to the hospital so you are ready when the ambulance arrives. After the doctor has been notified of your condition and you are ready to come home, make sure to return to the scene and check on your vehicle to make sure that everything is ok. After the initial contact with the police department, call your auto insurance company and let them know that you need them to send someone to look over your vehicle and to take photos of the damage.

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